Rocketry Photos by Nadine

COSROCS is proud to present Nadine Kinney and her amazing rocketry photographs. Often seen scurrying around Hartsel, and at LDRS XVII and XVIII, she has truly made rocketry action shots an art form. Browse the over 1700 proofs from LDRS XVII and XVIII (your rocket is probably in there), and send Nadine an e-mail to order your own prints!

To place your order, e-mail Nadine Kinney at with the following information:

Nadine will send you an e-mail confirmation of your order along with your total. Orders will be shipped via USPS. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Payment, in check or money order payable to the order of Nadine Kinney, must be received prior to shipping. Mail payments to:

Photos by Nadine
P.O. Box 50534
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0534


Wallet $4.00 (2 wallet prints)
11x14 $57.00 (11x16 available)
4x6 $4.00 16x20 $178.00
5x7 $12.00 20x24* Call
6x10 $17.00 24x30* Call
8x10 $28.00 (8x12 available) cropping $8.00 (8x10 and larger)

*Due to film speed - photograph may appear a little grainy at this size, when viewed closely.

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